GoldenGirl 15.5"+ Fashion Doll
 Couture Gallery

These custom outfits and dressed dolls have been sold,
 and are currently in private collections.


"Promise of Love"

"Elegance in Burgundy"

"Jacques Azagury  for Princess Diana"


"Lot # 10 for Princess Diana"


"Trent as Medieval Rogue"
Custom Outfit and Repaint


"Cimmie" in "Dreams" Custom Outfit and Repaint

"Reproduction Magic Bild Lilli outfit"

"Magic Silkstone Bild Lilli" by GoldenGirl

"Blossom of the Orient"

"Blossom of the Orient" Custom Outfit by GoldenGirl


"Trent as Zorro"
Custom Outfit and Repaint


"Champagne on Ice"

"Music & Memories"
Custom Outfit

 "Fairy Bride"
Dressed Tyler

"Fairy Bride" Custom Tyler by GoldenGirl


"Diamonds At Night"

"Diamonds At Night" Custom Outfit  by GoldenGirl


 "Vegas Bride"
Dressed SG

"Vegas Bride" a Gene by GoldenGirl


"Reproduction Magic Bild Lilli outfit 1160"


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