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Here Are Some Nice Comments We've Received From 
Customers and Others About GoldenGirl Custom Doll Creations:

I just have to compliment you on your beautiful design and needlework. It's simply exquisite! I love period costumes and your design is so original and so delicate.It's a real treasure! The lovely wrapping of each individual piece of the ensemble is a delightful touch. I hope I'll have an opportunity to do business with you again in the future. -C

Dear Debi - I am speechless! I received the outfit just now and I am speechless. It is by far the most lovely creation ever. The package was beautifully wrapped and protected---a work of art in itself. As I opened the box and carefully removed and unwrapped everything, I felt like a little girl on Christmas morning! The ensemble is so gorgeous. The design and workmanship are incredible and you are to be applauded! I need to leave you positive feedback, but I don't know what to say to do you justice. Please accept my sincere thanks and admiration for this treasure. I hope I will be fortunate enough to perhaps own another one of your masterpieces someday! -R

Hello Debi -The above item arrived in perfect condition. I just have to compliment you on your beautiful design and needlework. It's simply exquisite! I love period costumes and your design is so original and so delicate. It's a real treasure!  I hope I'll have an opportunity to do business with you again in the future. -C

I just got in from a really long work day and your box was on the table and I opened it and I was thunder struck! The picture did not do her justice. I have been looking at her for the last 20 minutes. My secretary could not get over her. You are a true artist! I left you the best feedback I can I hope you like it. but I just had to tell you how happy I am and to let you know she will have a good home. I am going to take her over to show my sisters tonight, and that is something I have never done before. I hope to do more business with you in the future, it is just going to be very hard for you or anyone to surpass this work of art which you have created and I am the grateful owner. Thanks again, -M

Hi Debi! I came along your site and I absolutely Love it. You do very beautiful work and I've enjoyed every piece. -B

I just came across your site. I just wanted to say that the dolls you have displayed are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I only hope to be able to create anything as splendid as the creations you are showing! The repainted faces are perfectly beautiful, and the clothing designs are stunning! You are definitely an inspiration to me, and I am sure you have awed and inspired many more people! Anyway, keep up the wonderful work! I can't wait to see what else you put up! - K

Thanks so much Debi...you are just wonderful...and I definitely want to do business again!!! You know...I don't think I have ever seen a blue or green eyed doll that you have painted!  This beaded dress just amazes me.....you did such a nice job! I am so impressed!! I have lots of repaints and no one does the details that you do!! It is so appreciated!! -L

"Pink Champagne" arrived this afternoon and she is so much prettier than the photos. The face is great, the eye repaint perfect, the lashes so lovely. She is really one of my best One-Of-A-Kinds! - J

Dearest most talented Debi!! -  I just saw "Shannon's" Repaint auction and am thoroughly amazed again! just when I think you've reached your point, you always exceed it! I'm going to have to save my pennies! hee hee! Well, congratulations on your amazing success, You need a giant award of artistic excellence-or something...:) - M

I was just visiting your lovely site and looking at your dolls - they are gorgeous! The work you do is amazing - the talent and time it must take to complete that project is certainly evident in your creations! I just wanted to write and tell you I like your site and that your work is spectacular. - J

OOOOh! "Vicky" the Gene repaint is so pretty and ever so awesome!!!!! Thank you! thank you! Thank You! I had great fun tracking her Fed-Ex route, although she said the night was pretty dark in Memphis! LOL! I just Love her! Of course I knew I would!! Thanks so much Debi and keep up the great work..

I just got home and opened up "Victorian Treasure"....she is absolutely gorgeous!! You packed her so well!! All the little extras like the jewelry were wonderful too! I really like your painting style!!! She is wonderful!!! I am not sure if I am on your mailing list...but, I would love to be notified whenever you have repaints for sale!!! Thanks so much...you have been wonderful to deal with!!! That is what makes buying on EBay so fun....when you finally find nice, helpful, friendly, people!!! - L

The repaint "Michelle"  has just arrived safely ! Thank you so much for the doll and wigs!!! I am very happy to receive them. Especially brown wig fits her very well. And about the doll, she is more beautiful than I had expected and is better than her picture. I love her very much. I will treat her very, very carefully. I deeply appreciate your kindness. - N

Can you please put me on the small doll mailing list and give me an idea how often you place one on EBay.  I have to have one of your dolls!  They are absolutely beautiful. - B

'Zorro' has arrived and the ladies are swooning! He looks SO real.....like he will start moving at any moment. You did such a fantastic job!  His outfit is perfect! Everything is in proportion! And the repaint is great...his eyes seem to glow!  It is always a pleasure dealing with you! I wish all of my transactions were as perfect as this one. Things usually go well.....but transactions with you rank at the TOP. -J

I just wanted to tell you your Zorro is beyond words. I tried very hard to win the bid but missed him. He is my all time favorite fictional hero and you captured him to perfection. I had plans to make him for myself, but when I saw yours I couldn't imagine anything more perfect. I admire your work very much and am sorry to have lost him. - C

Just wanted to let you know that I received "Three Wishes" on Tuesday and she arrived safe, sound, and just as beautiful as I thought she would be.  The costume is just gorgeous.  I was also very impressed with the packaging and
the certificate.  The surprise gift was also a nice gesture on your part. Thanks again for a beautiful doll and I hope to do business with you again very soon. -P

While I am not planning to bid on this item I MUST tell you how much I enjoy it! Being a TRENT/GENE designer myself I think your ZORRO TRENT is... PERFECT. Great work! -D

Debi, you are so gifted I can't believe it!  The Zorro is awesome.  I hope you will be offering more Trent repaints when I can get one. You couldn't have done Zorro better. He is perfect. I love him. Thanks for sharing. - C

I am just picking myself up off the floor after seeing just how beautiful Neptune's Daughter is. The pictures were so good, but there is no way you could capture such a gorgeous mermaid. You really have a great deal of talent, and I consider myself so lucky to be able to "adopt" her. I will treasure her, and she will be in the spotlight in my collection. Thanks so much. It's truly been a pleasure. -C

Received your Gorgeously Beautiful OOAK Nile Queen Egyptian by GoldenGirl Doll. I have never seen such exceptional bead work on a dress, fabric and design is very Beautiful. Thank you for this special doll! - L

"Alicia" (Gene Repaint) is well worth waiting for and I am thrilled to have her in my home.  It's going to be fun planning her wardrobe and finding more wigs and hats, etc. This has got to be my most memorable doll so far and I want to thank you for the opportunity to bid on her. She is truly a unique doll and a beautiful one also. The little extras that you included are a surprise and make the doll even more special. You are a truly talented lady and have added a great deal of pleasure to my day. -A

Wow. Wow! WOW! I got Blossoms of the Orient yesterday, and I can't believe how fabulous it is! April 11 was my birthday, and opening your package up yesterday was like getting an extra b-day present. I just love it! It looked great online, but in "real life", it's outstanding.  Your presentation of the outfit (the box, cards, and packaging) make it seem all the more special! Anyway, I am one pleased customer! I wish I could leave you feedback. -J

 I just saw 'Erin' Gene repaint on EBay. This is an absolutely fantastic repaint!  Just beautiful!  I love the eyes on her, and she has a lovely expression. I really think you are technically brilliant...gorgeous doll! -L

Just letting you know "Love & Rubies" arrived yesterday and is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for great service! -S

The "Laura" Gene repaint has just arrived safely. She is more beautiful than the picture. Thank you so much for the doll and your gift. I am very happy to receive them. I will make her my treasure doll. -N

I am absolutely floored at your amazing talent, your artwork is astonishing!!!! -M

Your "Golden Snowflake Fairy" is absolutely gorgeous! I love your thought and design...she is truly unique and a "one of a kind". She will be a great success for you, congratulations on creating her. Very, very unique, those are the type of ooak's that are hard to find and create. Good work !!! - B

I love your fairies! The Teresa "Autumn Fairy" is the most beautiful doll I have ever seen! - S

All I can say is, "WOW!!!!" This doll "Pink Velvet" is absolutely *beautiful*! Many congratulations on your creativity and style. With a wink and a smile, -G

Looking forward to adding another one of your designs "Borealis Blossom" to my collection - ...as always they are so beautiful!! -R

I REALLY want this doll "Julia" or one just like it! I've never liked the Gene doll face, until I saw this one. She is absolutely gorgeous and a brunette to boot (I collect only brunette and redheaded dolls)! -S

I received "SunGold Fantasy" and I am simply blown away!! The pictures on eBay did not even come close to doing her justice. Just the packaging was exquisite! It was amazing. I called my friends to my office and they were just amazed at the detail and the beauty. Thank you so much!! I will be entering your feedback immediately.  Thank you again and I will certainly look forward to your next auctions! -J

Just a note to let you know that "Pink Chiffon" arrived today safe & sound!  My goodness,......she is just gorgeous!  My favorite so far!  Her hair is so beautiful!  Thank you so much for her! -L

I love your site, it's wonderful! I come here very often. Thanks for creating such a great site!!! - S

I just visited your site for the first time and had to let you know it is breathtaking! Your work is stunningly beautiful. Thank you for giving us a chance to see your artistry in action! - D

Mom received "Marilyn in Mesh" yesterday.  It is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!  She is thrilled with her purchase. She wanted me to make sure that I emailed you immediately to thank you so very much for this beautiful doll! You have been such a pleasure to do business with!!!!! Thanks so very much ! - J & K

Oh my God!  "Rose Princess" is  here!  That was so QUICK!!!! Debi, I love her so much. What a great lip color. I have not deboxed her yet but, while I only have a few minutes I wanted to jump online so I could thank you. She is a great doll and I love everything about her! -J

I just looked at your new dolls, and I swear they only get prettier and prettier. They leave you speechless. Great job Debi.... -B

You have gorgeous creations!!! I really like "Starlight, Starbright"! -E

Debi. Debi...Debi..I am so impressed. Whoa What a gal.. Geez! All that talent, energy, loving kindness and a beauty to boot.. WHERE do you find the time for it all? Your weather articles were impressive also and I am truly in awe that you have accomplished so much.. -E

I think your dolls are some of the most amazing creations I've ever seen! I always look forward to seeing what new dolls you come out with! You have so many gorgeous creations, but I think "Pink Chiffon" is one of my all time favorites! -M

"Gothic Sea Queen" just arrived a few minutes ago. She made the trip really well and is in splendid shape.  SHE'S GORGEOUS!! I love her, just as I knew I would! -L

All I can say is, "WOW!!!!" "Pink Velvet" is absolutely *beautiful*! Many congratulations on your creativity and style. Thank you for being an inspiration to a newbie like me by showing me such beautiful creations of yours. -G

Just wanted to let you know that "Silver Pearl" arrived to her new home safely.  She is just stunning, as I knew she would be!  She looks great displayed right beside "Golden Dawn"! -L.

I have been looking at OOAK dolls for about 8 months now and none of them "call" to me, or compare to yours the way your girls do ! You are so talented and make them come to life. -M

I love your "First To Know" emails with the hyperlinks that show your newest designs. They come out so fast, and are so professional and artistic, I marvel at each one. Those dresses are fabulous, the hand bead work and sequins, the styling and fabric is more than beautiful. To say that I love your work would be an understatement. I am amazed by your work. I always thought I wanted to work for Mattel to work with Barbie, but you do designs that are more interesting and creative than the mass market stuff out there.

Whatever your credentials are, you are definitely gifted. I hope to own one of these creations myself someday, and hope to be able to create something even remotely as lovely myself. Your work is an inspiration. -T.

The BEAUTIFUL doll arrived Thursday. She is gorgeous and I love her. I left positive feedback for you on EBay...thanks for mine. I'll watch for more. Take care and thanks. - S.

Just to let you know that "Natalie" (Gene Repaint) arrived safely today. She has already changed clothes three times. She is beautiful! Thank you. -P.

I want you to know that I LOVE "Forest Flower", she is EXQUISITE! I loved the wrapping & box too. I would love another one of your fabulous creations. That was my first, your pictures (as great as they are) don't do full justice to your dolls! -K.

"Golden Dawn" safely arrived to her new home this afternoon.  She is simply breathtaking!  There is so much fine detail on her & so much to look at! ..I can see that you are very much a perfectionist in your work & also a lady with much class!  :o) -L

I'll be keeping an eye out for your other dolls. If they are all as sweet looking and beautiful as this one you'll not only bring lots of people joy but you should have some super sales. God Bless You! -R.

I just had to take a moment to tell you that I think your (Gene) repaints are fabulous! I'm not a big fan of repaints, except for Terri Norcia's living dolls, but yours are really close to the look she gets. Keep up the good work. -S.

I was determined to win this (Gene Repaint) doll auction- she is SO lovely, and the innocence in her eyes is incredible! Actually, she is going to be the lucky doll to wear my newest (bridal gown) acquisition from Linda Dillon. -H.


The doll arrived safely in the mail today. She is another beautiful creation! I left positive feedback (what else) for you on EBay; and thanks for mine.  We will be watching for more so we'll probably 'see you around' EBay. Wishing you all the best. -J

What a wonderful present I had today....Your doll arrived and she is just as beautiful as her picture...just like all your presentations! ..I just love it....you are a sweetie!! -R.

You are my absolute favorite person to do business with. Nobody does dolls any better than you do and you are so easy to get along with and the variety of dolls is fantastic! Whenever I get on the web, I automatically go to your site first and always watch for your letters about new dolls. -K.

What a Tres-Fab site!! We love dolls. You have such a talent. My toddler loves to see the "Barbies" on here. -T. & V.

Your "Golden Emerald" is a really glamour girl and she looks great between my other OOAK's.  Your Golden Emerald will get a special place in my glass cabinet. Thanks so lot for shipping and selling to Germany! -J.

Working with you before was such a pleasure!  I had no worries about getting the doll.. You are a wonderful business person and artist!! Thanks, Debi...  -R.


I wanted to just once again thank you for the doll: "The White Singer". I can't get over how wonderfully you have constructed the doll.  Debi, you new creations are truly wonderful! -I.

I'm so glad I won her auction. I've visited your web site and I think your dolls are beautiful. I'm glad I'm going to own one. -K.

She arrived in excellent condition and is just as pretty as her pictures! Thanks for a fabulous doll! -J.

I wanted to let you know that "Silver Anniversary" has arrived safely and I think she is FABULOUS! I am certainly glad I won her. Keep up the good work. -C.

Can you tell me how I purchase one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL DOLLS I've ever seen! Thank you! -C.

I just got "Innocence Fairy" and I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open. She is absolutely stunning. You really did a fantastic job on her, of course I say that about every doll you do. She is my favorite of the fairies I have gotten so far. I just can't get over how stunning  she is. I really like all the little butterflies and the flowers. You just seem to keep getting better and better all the time. -K.

I've been checking out a lot of the OOAK designers web sites and I have to honestly say you create the most beautifully crafted dolls. -J.

I picked up my doll today from the PO and I can't stop admiring her because she is so beautiful, oh my gosh I love everything about her!  She is such a wonderful creation... I can see you take great pride and joy in your craftsmanship. Oh and I just loved unwrapping her and the box. Well, I got to get back to playing with her. Just wanted to let you know I got her and I love her! -J.

I've been looking at (Gene) repaints for almost a year now and that doll of yours is the prettiest I have ever seen. I love her!! You have GREAT talent! Such a blessing!! -R.

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